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Trauma - Possessed - Temporary Tattoos

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The Most Realistic Temporary Tattoos Anywhere!

Trauma - Possessed

Average Tattoo Size: 2.5" X 3.75"

Tattoo Sheet Size: 5‰Û X 8‰Û

* FDA approved inks!

* Colors that perfectly mimic real tattoo ink

* Designs look like they are actually in the skin

* Used in the film and television industry

* Most celebrated temporary tattoos in the world!

Product Description

  • A temporary tattoo worth wearing
  • Will look great on any part of your body

Directions below:

Direction image
How To Apply:
1. Skin should be clean & free of oils & makeup.
2. Remove clear, protective top sheet.
3. Press tattoo firmly onto clean, dry skin with design facing down.
4 Hold wet cloth against back of tattoo, press down and make sure to wet it thouroughly.
5. Wait 30 seconds (don’t hurry). Peel off paper backing.
6. Gently rinse image with water for best effect.
TO REMOVE: Saturate tattoo with household rubbing alcohol or baby oil; wait 10 seconds,
then rub away tattoo with cotton ball. Or remove from dry skin using several pieces of
transparent household tape.
WARNING: Don’t apply to sensitive skin, near eyes, or if allergic to adhesive.

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Product Reviews

  1. More than meets the eye

    Posted by Sandy on 12th Jul 2017

    These might not appear to be much but they look great when applied! Very versatile.

  2. Real!!!!

    Posted by Joanna on 1st Nov 2016

    I work at a hospital and put these on for Halloween; I had doctors thinking that I was really sick!!! Comfortable to wear and easy to apply!!

  3. Voldamort Down Under

    Posted by Cliff Dorian on 12th Jul 2016

    Being a professional cosplayer and entertainer. I was looking for a quick and easy way of obtaining the veined look Voldemort from Harry potter has on his head. On purchasing the Trauma - Possessed temporary Tattoos I was worried that the Tattoos would not take if I put them on top of my base skin foundation but to my delight the tattoos not only applied very well. They also lasted the 6 or so hours I was in character with out peeling. I certainly recommend this or any similar product for your next cosplay or theatrical production as a quick cheap and easy method of getting the look you want.

  4. Absolute Perfection!!

    Posted by ScaryMommy81* on 1st Nov 2015

    I have to admit I was skeptical at first....right up until I slowly peeled off the paper and revealed the coolest ever looking veins..nothing compares...no exaggeration here..okay so they look real and really cool..better yet, I put them on about 7:30 am...went all day at work then well into the night and they STILL looked AMAZING...after my shower and scrubbing my other make up off....they still looked amazing!! I couldn't believe it!! Wish I could upload a picture.. I will definitely be purchasing this every year from now on. Makes me want to try more styles and get them for my family too...not kidding the absolute coolest thing ever!!

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