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Spotlight Tattoo Movie

"John Carter of Mars"
John Carter of Mars Poster

Set to hit theaters March 9th, this new Disney movie is the first of what we are sure to be many live action movies from the notorious PIXAR Director Andrew Stanton.

Tinsley Transfers was thrilled when receiving the call to design and create the body art and temporary tattoos for the film. 

Temporary Tattoos by Tinsley Transfers in John Carter of Mars

It was a massive undertaking that included creating over 600 body suits utilizing our technology used for creating our Tattoo Shirts and Tattoo Sleeves. In addition to these suits we also created enough temporary tattoos to cover an entire football field for the principle actors. 

Lynn Colins wears Tinsley Temporary Tattoos

Some of the real challenges came in the design and the application. So much of the body had to be covered on so many people, it was like wrapping large sheets of paper around basketballs. The design was made in such a way that when flat it was mis-shapen but when wrapped around the curves of the body it conformed to the proper design.

Temporary Tattoos in John Carter of Mars

We hope you enjoy the movie as much as we did making it!